MEMBERSHIP $79/month

Our signature gym membership includes 24 hour access for our downtown Baltimore facility and unlimited group fitness classes such as Zumba, Bootcamp, Tabata Kettlebell, Yoga, Kickboxing and much more! Work with our City Fit Pros to improve your balance, endurance, strength, core strength, movement patterns and learn so many varieties of exercise to keep your fitness routine fresh and help you reach your personal goals. Our memberships are always month to month with no contract or joining fees. Ever. Come by and see what everyone raves about! Are you ready to be City Fit!?

Small Group Training Membership $159/month

Small group personal training gives you the budget friendly option of group personal training sessions in addition to your City Fit membership! Get a personalized training program made to fit your lifestyle and goals while working in a group setting. Customized programs are written by our City Fit Pros and form is taught while you train! This is a great option for someone who may need the guidance of what exactly to do when they get to the gym. The accountability of having a trainer helps to make your health a priority and help teach you how to make the changes in your life to become a healthier version of yourself... and possibly even makes friends along the way!!! Need nutrition guidance? That's included also! What are you waiting for? 



class options

There is no need to be a member to enjoy our huge variety of classes. Jump in to any of out classes by purchasing a City Fit Class Card! Why not pick a class and rally up some friends to try a new fitness class this week! Choose from any of our fitness classes including, but not limited to, Zumba, Kickboxing, Strength and Conditioning, Bootcamp, Tabata Kettlebell, Cross Training, and many more. Keep your body guessing with our dynamic class schedule. We have something here for everyone. Try one or try them all! If you have any questions about what a fitness class entails, feel free to contact us for a detailed description and recommendations of class styles! 

City Fit Class Card Package Prices

  • Single Drop In: $15

  • 5 Classes: $60

  • 10 Classes: $100

  • 15 Classes: $125



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One-on-one Training 

Private Training rates:

  • 60 mins: $79

  • 30 mins: $49

Private personal training sessions have a huge value, in regard to your health and personal fitness goals. When working with a City Fit Pro, you get a personalized training program made specifically for your goals and your lifestyle. There are many factors to consider when making a change to better your health. Our Fit Pros will sit down with you and gather all the information needed to help you start making life changes that will align you with your goals. When doing private training, you will have the full attention of your trainer to correct your form and share their knowledge of not only each exercise, but the science behind building the perfect program for you. Another benefit includes your Fit Pro helping guide you through barriers that you may currently have that are hindering your ability to ready your goals. If you struggle with nutrition, private training can help with that aspect of your health too. You will find that private training entails way more than your scheduled time in the gym. We support you in your everyday routines to train you how to reach and maintain your goals. Are you ready for this?